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How to make a year book

1 de enero de 1970

There’s something special about collecting your favorite moments in a yearly photo book. Because just like that, all your photos come to life and the memories they hold will live on in that book. Forever. Pretty awesome, right? So, it’s about time to start your very own collection of memories with these five tips on how to get started.

Organize your photos

Pick out which photos from (at least) 10 similar photos are your favorites. You can add them to your favorite album by simply tapping the heart or making a specific album and adding them to it.

Decide the purpose

Is your year book gonna be your next coffee table book, a gift to someone else or is it a collection of memories and stories just for you?

Show the good and bad

A few picture-perfect moments are a given, but remember that photos far from perfection will help tell the story of what actually happened.

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Make it together

Add your partner, friends or family as co-creators and make the year book together. You’ll get photos from different angles and stories from other perspectives – all and all, more memories to love.

Add some text

A picture says a 1000 words. But sometimes, you still want to add a few more. Maybe monthly summaries or something as easy as a date or place to help you remember.

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