Make a year book: Show the good and the bad

There will probably be quite a few picture perfect moments that are a given. But we’re sure there are other types of photos too, far from perfect, that will help tell the story of what actually happened.

The small things

Little details like the wallpaper in the background, the route you and your kids take to school or what you had for dinner. Small things that might have a bigger impact than you think and can help you all remember what the year was like.

In the moment

Photos that catch the exact feelings of the moment are always fun to have. They may not be perfect, sometimes they're blurry or nobody's looking in the camera, but they're usually full of emotion and character and are so fun to look back on.

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The unexpected

Sometimes the best photos are the ones you never planned on taking. When someone blinked or did something by accident or that time you got photobombed, which leads us to...

The goofballs

Everyone one loves a goofball, but for some reason the silly photos are the ones that we often don’t add to our yearbooks – even though they’re the ones that make us laugh the most. So we say more silly billys and goofballs ftw!

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