How-to-yearbook: How do I organize my photos?

If you’re like us and take a billion (well, almost…) photos every year, picking out your favs and knowing where they could fit in your photo book might just take a while. So, we have some tricks to make it both a bit easier and quicker for you to get started on your yearbook.

Just “heart” it

First off, go through your camera roll and “heart” the photos you think you’d like to add to your yearbook. Give yourself some time to do it and try splitting it up during a few days, maybe when you have couple of minutes on the bus or while waiting for your dentist appointment.

Organization sensation

Secondly, if you don’t know this already you’re in for a treat, because this is a lifesaver in the world of once uponing: the app organizes your photos by month and day. So, after you’ve “hearted” your favorite photos in the camera roll, open up the app and choose the Favorites album. All your favorite photos will now automatically be chronologically organized making it super easy for you to add monthly spreads in your yearbook.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle

Another lifesaver á la Once Upon, which you may very well know but totally is worth mentioning anyways: the shuffle button. This will give you the best layout options out there for the photos you’ve added to the spread. Play around with it – add another photo, remove a photo, replace a vertical photo with a horizontal one and hit shuffle – to see what the layout engine comes up with next!

Drag and drop

Sometimes when you’re making your book and adding your photos, things can move pretty fast. Before you know it, you have over 100 spreads and your photos aren’t quite in the order you’d like them to be. Oh well, bummer, there’s nothing you can do about it…. Or is there? Of course there is, just press the photo that somehow ended up on the “wrong” spread, then drag and drop it where it belongs. You can also grab hold of a whole spread to drag and drop it where you want it to be!

The web app

Just in case you’ve missed it, we have an awesome web app too. For instance, it’s the perfect way to preview your books on a larger screen and much more. Read all about it and along with a few handy tips and tricks here.

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