Make a year book: Decide the purpose

First and foremost try thinking about who you’re making the book for. Who will spend the most time looking through it and what do you want them to feel? This will help you determine what you want to fill your book with.

Is it book about your year, your family’s year or maybe something completely different? Maybe it’s a book about the seasons in you garden, from seeds to flowers. Or a year of your favorite recipes, maybe you’re renovating a house or want to make a yearbook about when you got a puppy? A yearbook can be about anything you want it to be. After all, it’s your story!

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Here are a few yearbook ideas you can try:

  • A year in the life of the Andersson family
  • Lo’s first year
  • A year of my favorite recipes
  • My garden in four seasons
  • This year’s adventures
  • My house renovation
  • A year with Doris the dog
  • This year’s football season
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