Make a year book: Make it together

If it feels like you have around a billion photos from the past year, it might feel a little overwhelming picking out your favs and squeezing them into one book. So, here are some tricks to make it both a bit easier and quicker to add those memories to your year book.

The beauty of the collab feature

We all know the hassle of sending photos too well: you have to ask for the photos, make sure you get all the ones you want and then it’s also making sure the resolution isn’t crappy after. Well, that’s where our collab feature comes in handy! Invite your friends and family members to edit your photo book so they can add their photos directly to your spreads in the app.

Let the kids tell their story

If you have kids, they will most likely take up a big chunk of the photos in your yearbook. So why not let them pick their favorite photos and add their stories to the book?

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Do it together, in the real world

We do love that our collab feature makes it possible to work on a photo book together from wherever you may be, but once upoing all together in a room, well, that’s pretty awesome. Maybe make it a date night, a girls’ night in or invite everyone to a photo-book-making slumber party?

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