Make the perfect travel photo book

Whether you’ve been on a fancy vacay, a long road trip or spent a week on the countryside, you’ll always have tons of precious memories after a trip. And what better way to preserve those special moments than by creating a stunning travel book?

Here’s three tips when making your own travel book:


Make your travel book during your trip

Start your photo book on the first day of your travels, so you can add all of your memories into the book day by day. This way all the juicy, funny and incredibly silly moments will be remembered in detail. And, your photo book will be ready to order before you even get home.

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Add personal touches to your book

Take photos of small details such as ticket stubs, maps, signs or handwritten notes, to add an even more personalized feel to your travel photo book. Maybe you listened to the same song over and over during the trip, had a favorite saying, or accidently wore matching outfits to a dinner – write it all down so you’ll remember it years down the line. The more personal stories you add, the more your photo book will feel like a cherished keepsake.

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Make it together

Instead of trying to make a shared album or sending over photos to each other, invite family and friends to make the travel book together with you. Even though you’re on the same trip, everyone will remember it a little differently and have photos from different angles. More photos, more details, and more fun!

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Making a travel photo book is not just about compiling photos, it's about preserving your one-of-a-kind trip and cherishing those memories for years to come. Your travel books are your timeless reminders of the places you've been, the people you've met, and the experiences you've shared along the way.