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Make your photo book bit by bit

1 January 1970

Even though it is very easy, and honestly, pretty fun to make photo books in our app (if we may say so ourselves), it still takes time. Simply because there’s typically not just ten photos to look through. More like ten thousand. But you know what? You can get around this way easier than you think – by making your photo books bit by bit.

Start your yearbook in the beginning of the year and add photos as the months go by. Put a reminder in your calendar at the end of every month, or set a day and time every week, when you sit down for 10 minutes and add your favourite moments from the past days. Or when you’re away on a trip, add some photos to your travel book every night and finish up the book on the flight home.

Make a habit of pulling up the app whenever or wherever you are!

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When waiting

Every time you’re waiting for something – the bus, dentist appointment or your best friend who never gets ready in time.


Instagram trigger

When you post on Instagram you just add the photos to your photo book too.


Short breaks

On that 15-minute afternoon break at work when you don’t feel like chit chatting with your coworkers.


On the flight

On the flight back home after your vacation (you can edit your photo books offline!)

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There's no right or wrong place, time or way to make your photo books. There are simply as many ways to make Once Upon books as there are people on the planet! But, why not give this a shot and have your books ready before you know it.