Photo books

All of our photo books are perfect as year books, travel books or wedding books. They're also (if we may be so bold as to say so) lovely together. Gather all the pictures of your kids in photo books and watch as your photo book collection begins to grow, as the years go by and the kids grow taller. The best bit of all: We've made sure that the photo book designs itself in our super easy to use photo book app. You choose the photos straight from your camera roll on your phone and add a few rows of text or fill whole pages with your stories, whatever floats your boat. Since we've taken care of the design you can focus on the fun part. Creating your photo book and taking care of your stories and memories in the best possible way. If you haven't already, now's the time to download the app and give it a whirl. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Hardcover photo book

Our hardcover photo books come in two sizes, 27x27 cm and 20x20 cm. The hard cover has a beautiful matte finish with a timeless and lasting design. Your photo book’s title is printed on the spine, making your book the perfect complement to your living room bookshelf. You can also let your big and small moments become the perfect coffee table book sparking the telling of your adventures.

Compact is slightly smaller than Classic, our largest book.


27x27 cm pricing from £35

Our biggest and most popular photo book

Our photo book Classic is all of 27x27 cm and therefor our largest and actually, most sold book. You decide how you want to combine photos and texts in the book — the simple and elegant design makes sure that your memories always look their best! Perfect as year books, travel diaries, wedding books, coffee table books or as the best gift ever!


20x20 cm pricing from £25

A smaller photo book packed with impact

Compact is a smaller version of Classic — exactly the same (lovely) design, just in a smaller format. Compact easily fits into any home and looks good everywhere, perfect in the book case as well as out on the table. Accompanied by more photo books, it quickly makes a great impression, a small collection of memories you can be proud of! It is also the perfect size for small hands to flip through.

Softcover photo book

Our softcover photo book is 20x20 cm. It’s soft and smooth to flick through with a lush magazine feel. When it comes to design it’s just as clean and elegant as our hardcover photo books, but without the title on the spine. It’s lovely matte finish gives it a premium texture, which makes it an amazing coffee table book as well as the perfect gift for friends and family.

Soft and smoot to flick through, our soft cover Casual, with a lush magazine feel.


20x20 cm pricing from £20

A softer photo book with magazine feel

Casual is our soft, affordable photo book with a magazine feel and fabulous (if we may say so ourselves) cover. Casual is available in the smaller size 20x20 cm. When it comes to design there is only one thing that sets it apart from our hard cover photo books and that is that your title is not printed on the spine. If you want to fill your books to the brim with pictures and texts, then you are going to love the feel of Casual which becomes like a thick, lush, luxurious magazine. Perfect in your book case as well as on you coffee table!

How to make your photo book

We know it can be daunting to start your photo book, but we are here to make something that once felt difficult and overwhelming feel easy and fun! We have put countless hours into making our mobile app as simple as possible and we are slowly but surely adding features to a web based app for your desktop.

Make your photo book in the app

Bring your memories to life with the Once Upon app. In our app you can add photos to your book bit by bit or make your whole photo book in one go. Just add your favorite photos, tell your best stories and watch as our app instantly turns them into a photo book, designed to last for generations.

Preview photo books on your desktop

Now you can preview your photo books on the desktop before you order. Create the book in the Once Upon app and go to the desktop when you want to preview and make sure it’s all good. You can find all your photo books on the desktop when you log in. Ps. You still create and order your photo book through the app, not on the desktop. Not yet. Maybe soon.

Add photos from your desktop to your photo book

Do you have photos hiding in your camera, on your computer, or your old portable hard drives? It’s time to find them, because with our image uploader you can quickly get the photos from the desktop to the Once Upon app. When you’ve uploaded your photos, choose Once Upon as the photo source while adding images to your photo book. After you added the photos to your book, you can remove the photos from the image uploader – they are still saved in your book.