Travel books

First 20 pages from 16 GBP

Collect all your favorite moments from your travel adventure in one place. Make an awesome travel book today and save your globetrotting, road-tripping or hiking tales in a photo book that will last a lifetime.

  • Book types: Hardcover or Softcover
  • Paper types: Silk matte or semi-gloss
  • Book sizes: 20x20 cm or 27x27 cm
  • Book length: From 20 to 200 pages

Sustainability, a natural part of everything we do

We need to take responsibility for our children and ensure that they can live on a healthy planet for generations to come. In other words: If we have started a company, we need to take full responsibility for it.

Printing near you

Your photo book will be printed as close to you as possible. As of now, we have print shops in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, UK and the US.

Collab with your friends

You can collab with friends and family by inviting them to the photo book with a link or QR-code.

Reminisce whenever, wherever

With Once Upon you can seamlessly make photo books from your phone, tablet, and desktop.

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Our prices

The price of the book depends on the format you choose, to how many pages you add (min. 20 pages, max. 200 pages), as well as which paper you want.

Hardcover Large

Hardcover Large

First 20 pages from 26 GBP
Add a page made of semi-gloss paper:

+ 0.62 GBP

Add a page made of silk matte paper:

+ 0.72 GBP

Hardcover Medium

Hardcover Medium

First 20 pages from 21 GBP
Add a page made of semi-gloss paper:

+ 0.42 GBP

Add a page made of silk matte paper:

+ 0.52 GBP

Softcover Medium

Softcover Medium

First 20 pages from 16 GBP
Add a page made of semi-gloss paper:

+ 0.4 GBP

Add a page made of silk matte paper:

+ 0.5 GBP



  • + Title printed on spine
  • + Classic sturdy feel
  • + Top-selling item


  • + Lush magazine feel
  • + Perfect for your coffee table
  • + Flexible and lightweight

You can choose between two different kinds of covers on your travel book. Different feel, equally awesome.


Take your travel books to new heights

Need some tips on how to make your travel book get that little extra touch? We got you! Here you can find a few tips that will make your travel book feel even more personal. How-to travel book.

Enjoy your vacay again and again

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