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Make your own coffee table book

1 gennaio 1970

Are you tired of the classic coffee table books? The ones that look pretty fabulous on the outside but no one ever wants to actually flick through? We think it’s about time to give your dinner guests some real inspiration, inside out, with your own personal coffee table book.


The mood board book

Do you take a lot of photos of random but oh-so-beautiful things around you? Maybe of the coffee and croissant you ate at a café the other day, maybe of a house wall, a bowl of shiny olives or the sunlight in your bedroom in the early morning. Make your own lifestyle magazine with all things that inspire you, we're sure your guests will want to flick through that book!
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The interior book

If you have an eye for color combinations, mixes of materials or just love to create collages of interior design ideas, gather all those ideas in a book that will give you and anyone who looks through it an inspirational boost.
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The artsy book

Take photos of your own artwork, maybe progress picture from when you start a new project to when it's all done. Or just fill a book with artwork that inspire you!
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And! Our tip is to order your coffee table books in our Softcover Medium book format. This will make your book feel like the most luxurious magazine while being very affordable, so you can change your inspiration depending och season or mood. Highly recommended!

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