Tussen onze gebruikers ("jij") en Once Upon Publishing AB ("wij" en "ons") zijn onze algemene voorwaarden van toepassing, voor het gebruik van onze diensten en het bestellen van geprinte materialen ("producten") via Once Upon. Laatste update: 01-07-2019. Als je vragen hebt over Once Upon, de functies in de app of over het bestellen van een boek, ga naar onze Support-sectie, waar je onze FAQ (veelgestelde vragen) vindt.

1. Usage

1.1 Usage

By using Once Upon you agree that Once Upon is not responsible for and does not support the content that you post in the service. Once Upon has no obligation to moderate, monitor or edit content. If your content is contrary to these terms of use, you can be legally responsible for this content.

1.2 Ownership

Once Upon makes no ownership claim to any content that you post.

1.3 Storage

When you are using the app and have internet connection, all content (images and texts) is backed up continuously to your Once Upon account in our cloud storage. To use the Once Upon you must agree to Once Upon gaining access to your digital photo library.

1.4 General conditions for accepting an invitation to collaborate on a photobook

The person you invite to collaborate gains, on accepting your invitation, access to all content in the photobook concerned (images and text) Your invitation is sent as a one-off link. The first person to use this link gains access to your photobook, after which the link expires. The one-off link is not personalised. This means that the recipient can forward it to another person who can in turn access the photobook rather than the intended recipient. Thus by inviting a person to your photobook, you accept that your personal data can be shared with the person or people to whom the recipient chooses to forward the link with the invitation. Once Upon is not responsible for any sharing of your personal data which may occur that you, through an invitation, have chosen to share with others. You can invite as many people as you like to a photobook by allowing them to scan a QR code or send open invitations via link to each of them. As the owner of your photobook, you are the only person who can invite others to collaborate, and are also the only one able to remove people from your collaboration. Everyone who takes part in a collaboration can copy the contents of a photobook and add it to another, privately for that person, photobook. This means that everything you add to a collaborative photobook becomes available for distribution by all persons participating in the collaboration.

1.5 Personal Information and Privacy

1) Processing of Personal Data: Once Upon's processing of personal data is explained in the Once Upon Privacy Policy; see separate document entitled "Privacy Policy". 2) Use of another's name: If a customer is found to be acting in someone else's name or using someone else's social security number or other personal information without his/her consent, and their behavior causes damage, financial or otherwise, to Once Upon, the customer will be reported to the police. As a customer of Once Upon, you are responsible for the images and texts you use. To avoid any transgressions, we ask you to please comply with all copyright and privacy laws and to obtain the necessary approval before developing any other person's images.

2. Ordering and delivery

2.1 Ordering

It is possible to order products based on your content in the Once Upon app. Companies interested in ordering books can contact us at hello@onceupon.se

2.2 Clarification

Your order of products through Once Upon is binding. If you encounter any problems with your order you will be contacted as soon as possible. If you are under 18 you will need parental permission when you order from us. We ship to Europe, the US, and Australia. When delivered outside EU the customer is responsible for any toll or other additional expenses.

2.3 Payment

Your payment is handled by Stripe Checkout in conjunction with Klarna AB, 556737-0431. Choose from Klarna’s invoicing option, paying with your Klarna account, paying directly by debit/credit card or via bank transfer. Please be advised that by using Stripe Checkout you accept Klarna AB’s terms and conditions. We also advise that Klarna AB, for the purpose of identifying you and preventing unauthorised use or abuse of Stripe Checkout, as well as being able to fulfill the requirements for good credit issuance, must verify your identity. Klarna AB does this by automatically gathering additional information such as your social security number, name, address and – where selecting credit card as a payment method, credit information – from various suppliers. Klarna AB may also use information that you’ve entered during previous purchases or information that is publicly available on the internet, as well as information you may have previously entered in our terms of purchase to make a risk assessment. By completing this purchase you confirm your identity and your correct delivery address. If you would like to know more about Klarna AB’s terms and conditions and data collection, please visit www.klarna.se. Once we have received your order you’ll get a confirmation via email. It’s important to check that all your details are correct. Please save your order confirmation to be able to provide your order number should you need to contact our support team.

2.4 Delivery time

Delivery times are specified below. If you order in connection with a major holiday, it may take an extra day for your shipment to find its way to you. Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia: 5-7 business days from order date The rest of Europe: Up to 10 business days from order date USA: Up to 10 business days from order date The rest of the world: 10-20 business days from order date

2.5 Shipping cost

The shipping cost is 5EUR/GBP, regardless of the size of your order. If your order is delivered as a package, you receive a text message when you can pick it up at your local post office. Do not forget to bring a valid ID. You must pick up the package within 14 days. We have no possibility to extend this period. After 14 days, the package goes back to us. The item will be charged the full value and there is an additional cost of return shipping and handling. The fee for this is charged by a separate bill at the cost of 150 SEK within Sweden, but can vary in other markets. We can send the package again after the return received by us. The item will be discarded after one month.

2.6 Damaged package or product

If you discover damage to your package or product it should be reported immediately to your post office. We recommend that you do not collect a damaged package. The damage is no longer counted as a transport damage after collected by you. If you discover damage to the product when you open the package, and the damage appears to be caused by PostNord's or carrier's management, contact them and make a claim within seven days after you received the package.

2.7 Bank outside of Sweden

If your bank is outside of Sweden you may receive additional fees. The fee is defined by your bank, so the exact behavior might vary. Please contact your bank for further information.

3. Returns

3.1 Withdrawl

Since the products are custom made, the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act (SFS 2005:59) does not apply.

3.2 Complaint

If you receive the wrong product or if you are dissatisfied with your delivery, please contact our customer service. If the product is damaged, you will receive a new one. At the time, we are not able to offer refunds. Therefore, products with defects will be replaced with new ones.

4. Confidentiality

4.1 Personal data

Once Upon treats your personal information as confidential and is only used to provide you with the best possible service. All payments of Once Upon occurs with Stripe. Your personal information is handled in accordance with the applicable provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

4.2 Usage of other persons name

If a customer is in someone else's name or using someone else's social security number without his consent, and this means financial or other harm to Once Upon the customer will be reported to the police.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Errors

Once Upon reserves for any errors that may appear on this site. The errors can be price-related and / or of technical or informative nature.

5.2 Force majeure

In a case of force majeure Once Upon freed from its obligations to fulfil contractual agreements. Force majeure refers to events that can not be foreseen and which are beyond our control. It may involve war, natural disasters, strikes, regulatory decisions, non-delivery from Print suppliers, as well as costly circumstances.

5.3 Changed conditions

Once Upon reserves the right at any time to change these conditions. Each time you use the service, you agree to abide by the prevailing conditions.

6. Privacy policy

6.1 About our privacy policy

Once Upon's privacy policy describes how we collect, store and use personal data when you use our service, visit the website, purchase our products or otherwise provide your information to us. The policy also gives you information about the types of personal information we collect, how we use it, and what rights you have to control our use of your personal data. More information can be found in our terms and conditions. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions.

6.2 What information do we collect?

When you register as a user with us, we will save your email address. When placing an order, we need different information from you to receive, manage and send your products. It includes: name, address and telephone number and your e-mail address (if you have not registered before). For an order to be completed at our client must be 18 years old, or have parental permission.

6.3 We save

Information about your order and logs of user behaviour in the app. In a future update, we will store your pictures so they are not lost if your phone breaks.

6.4 We don't save

Your social security number or your card and bank details. All payments are handled via Stripe Checkout. File name of the image you upload to Once Upon. The images always get a new name series, which in turn is managed by our system.

6.5 How do we store your information?

Communication between the client and Once Upon is handled via a so-called SSL protocol, an encrypted transmission between the service and users who hold a recognized high standard. SSL is used, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Your information is stored on the Google Cloud Platform servers in accordance with their agreements. Logs of user behaviour, we save through Google Analytics, Fire Base and Crashlytics.

6.6 Why do we keep your data?

We save information about your order to be able to offer you the possibility to order your personal products again. The information can not be taken away by you as a customer, but on request we can of course arrange this. We store information about user behavior to improve the experience on the website and in the app.

6.7 Copyright

It is you who shop at Once Upon that are and will be held responsible for the images and texts you use. Please respect the copyright before you print someone else's images to avoid misunderstandings. More information about this can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

6.8 Third Party

We never share information about our customers, order history or similar information to third parties. Exception is made only if a judicial body would require us to information. If that would be the case our lawyer would first review and approve the request. As a private company, no other company has the right to claim Once Upon information and data.