Discovering our new product – photo prints image


Discovering our new product – photo prints

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As you have probably gathered, we’ve launched a new product – photo prints. The perfect match for our photo books, offering multiple ways to make the most of your memories. We got Frida Rindevall, CX Designer, and Linda Ingolfsdottir, Chief Sustainability Manager, to tell us a little more about the latest product in the Once Upon family.

When did you start developing the photo prints idea?

– To be honest, we’ve been talking about developing another product since Once Upon first started. So when we started exploring our idea in the beginning of 2022, the whole company got involved. This led us to start a few new projects, and the photo print project was one of them. We took a deep dive into different areas of use and potential needs because we wanted to offer something better than what is currently available on the market, Frida says.

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What have you enjoyed most about developing a new product?

– What we have enjoyed most is both our approach and that our idea can so easily be applied to a new product. The photo prints have so much in common with the values of Once Upon: quality, design, and how easy they are to create. It’s also been really fun to work with a project that involves so many people at the same time, Frida says – and Linda agrees:

– Working together with so many colleagues has definitely been the best part of the whole experience. There have been several questions and challenges along the way, and it’s been a really educational experience, she says.

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What was the biggest challenge?

– Launching a product simultaneously on every market, because every market is unique. We’ve also challenged our partners in this project and are grateful that they want to grow with us. We do things differently and that means that we are constantly having to find new ways of moving forward together, Linda says.

What’s happening next?

– We can’t wait to see what people think about our photo prints. How people actually feel when they’re holding them in their hands. We will keep working on our prints and our photo books so we can continue to deliver products that our customers really love, Frida says.