10 photo tips to make the best photo album

Today we are all photographers in one way or another – whether it be with a fancy camera or your phone.

How do you take the perfect pictures for you photo book? Well, the photo advice out there are many, but here are our 10 favorite, not so common, photo tips for when you’re making a photo book:


Use different angles

Always take photos from different angles – imagine that your dog, a bird or your kid is taking the photo.


Close ups

Remember to take detailed photos, get up close and capture some details from the larger photo – that will make a spread in your photo book come alive.



When travelling, take photos of city or info signs, that way you won’t have to write down every place you’ve visited and you have the authentic name and signage saved.

Alt text


Bird angle

If you want something to look smaller – use the bird angle. Stand on a stool or on your kitchen table.


Frog angle

If you want something to look bigger – use the frog angle. Go ahead and crawl on the grass or floor to get that perfect angle, it’ll be worth it.


Ugly ones

Choose the “ugly ones,” don’t be afraid to add the photos that shows all the chaos – the burnt cinnamon buns, the pile of clothes in the background, the failed picnic set up or whatever chaos you got – those are the memories that will make you laugh later on.


Do the opposite

What happens if we change places? What happens if this person takes the photo instead? What happens if we take it from that way instead? Challenge yourself and dare to be different



Think about the purpose of your photos! Are you using it for a full-page spread in your photo book? Take a panorama photo. Are you using it together with many other photos on a spread? Take a vertical photo.

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Can you frame the photo? Look around and see if you can use the foreground as a frame for the photo, maybe a window, door, some bushes or a tree.



Where’s the sun? Try different angles and notice how the lighting and shadows changes the photo.

Also, remember that taking photos should be fun! So, while keeping these tips in the back of your mind, mostly just remember to have fun with it and feel free to go a little nuts!

Now, make a photo book of all those wonderful moments you've captured!