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Four ways to make a year book

January 1, 1970

There’s not a lot of things that we buy that last a lifetime. We have a tendency to get bored with most things, but memories, on the other hand, become more and more precious as time goes on. So help yourself remember to remember by creating your very own collection of memories.

Here are four ways to make year books:

Month-by-month highlights

Recap your year month by month by adding a summary in the beginning of each month describing what you were up to. Those things you might not remember in a few years. Maybe you ate the same dinner almost every night because the kids wouldn’t eat anything else or you had a big presentation at work that you’re incredibly proud of. Those little details will make you smile when you’re looking back in your book years down the line.

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Sort it by feelings

Instead of the chronological order of things, make your book a little different and add chapters for all the feelings of the past year. A few pages with all the laughs this year, another chapter with all the meltdowns, the third filled with beach vibes and the next with cozy nights at home. You get the point!

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This one is for all the writers out there! Your year book doesn’t necessarily need to be just a photo book, make it your journal. Reflect on the past year, write about what lesson you learned this year, what you did too little of or what you did too much of, what moments mattered the most and what you’re most grateful for. Then you can add some photos that go along with those reflections.

Seasonal highlights

Divide your year book by seasons, from summer's sizzling adventures to winter's cozy escapades, each season gets its own spotlight. Just add a chapter for each season and write a little summary followed by tons of photos. It'll be like flipping through a visual calendar filled with all your shenanigans.