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Come join us at Once Upon

Once Upon is constantly developing and, as more people discover the new way to do photo books, our team also needs to grow. In this section, we publish all our job openings. Our headquarters are located in Skellefteå, in the North of Sweden. If you don't already live here, we are always happy to welcome new people relocating to our city. But if you are not currently planning on relocating, there are also others solutions in today's digitally connected world. So search now!


Jonas Sunnari, Developer

Once Upon's new website was created in the middle of the forest*

In the croft from 1873 stands a MacBook from 2019. In the middle of Västerbotten's hinterland, the sparsely populated countryside, the forest (choose what you want, they are all true) sits Jonas Sunnari, developer at Once Upon, working on the new website. Solar cells and 4G make it possible to combine work and his great passion, hunting! Here Jonas writes about the exploration of architecture and the hunting grounds that are his paradise.

Our vision is to celebrate life and spread happiness