Make your Once Upon book in our webapp

We all use our phone camera for those everyday photos and a lot of our pics are stored right in the phone’s camera roll. But maybe you do bring out your real-deal-camera to capture certain moments a bit more vivid, a bit deeper and in a bit more special way? And, maybe you have some old photos stored on your computer or hard drives that would be way happier in a photo book? If that’s the case, it would probably save you a lot of time to make your photo book straight from your computer instead of on your phone.

Here’s how to make your Once Upon book in our webapp:

  • Sign up or log in to your account (your Once Upon login is the same no matter if you log in to the mobile app or on the web)

  • Upload photos (you can actually just drag and drop from your desktop) straight to the spreads in your book.

  • Add title, captions and maybe even a longer text (it’s way quicker to write long texts when you have your keyboard than on your phone, right?)

  • Edit your books layout in the webapp or make some edits to the book on your phone, your books update instantly so you can work on the book seamlessly on your computer and phone.

  • Pick the book format (Hardcover Large, Medium or Softcover Medium) that fits your book and order away!