Five reasons why you should make a year book

2023 is coming to an end and it’s time to take a moment and think about your year. Maybe all your dreams came true this year, or maybe they didn’t at all...

No matter what your year looked like – if it was the best one yet or not so much so – we’re sure you have both big and small memorable moments from 2023. So, we just wanted to give you a reason to reflect on how this year has been and also give you a few reasons why you should save it all in a year book from Once Upon!

Five reasons why you should make a year book with Once Upon:

1. Photos weren’t made to be stuck in cameras or on phones, they were made to be held in hands and looked at together.

2. They’re so simple to make

3. They look so good

4. It’s all part of your story and all it’s worth remembering

5. They last pretty much a lifetime.

It’s time to become the year book person you always dreamed you could be!

Answer a few questions about your year booking habits and get a little treat at the end.