Five creative ways to make photo prints

Allow us to present our latest creation – photo prints. The format is 13x18 cm and, just like our photo books, they offer you endless ways to capture those special moments. Choose your favorite photos, add personal texts and voilà – your memories become unique and personal keepsakes. Here are some tips about how you can create something special with your photo prints.

The photo wall – your personal art gallery

Create a world of moments, where every print tells its own story. Let your memories fill the room and relive them time and time again. Your latest trips, your best friend’s speech at your wedding, or long summer nights. Keep adding to your wall or replace it with new prints as the seasons change.

Frame them – to create that personal touch

Your most prized possessions (or memories) deserve a place on your wall. Or the coffee table, chest of drawers, your favorite shelf or your bedside table … Create a homey and comfortable feeling with photos of you and your loved ones, brag about an action-packed adventure or look back on a magnificent view. A little life hack for those of your who are looking for a way to give your home a personal feel and merge your memories with your surroundings.

The group photo

The family, your besties, the team or something else altogether. Let a group photo take you back, relive those precious moments of togetherness, a proud moment, happiness or even grief. Everything you’ve been through and achieved together. The never-ending laughter, the happiness and melancholy at graduations or the explosion of feelings after winning the game. Unique chapters in your life that deserve that extra bit of attention. Order a few extra copies and give them to those people who are part of the memory, as a small reminder of how much that moment meant to you.

A personal, timeless gift

Photo prints are the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. A photo from your favorite moment sets the stage. Add some emotional content, an anecdote or an inside joke that only the two of you will get and celebrate your relationship and the unique story behind it. A memory is a gift that stands out!

Reuse your favorites from your photo books

Shouldn’t all your best photos end up in one of your photo books? Now you can turn your memories into photo prints. Use the tips above so that you can enjoy your memories even when you’re not actually looking through your yearbook, wedding book or travel book. Let the fun begin!