Anna's very own cookbook

Anna’s passion for cooking started even before she was born with her mother’s love for food. She grew up with her mom as her big inspiration and together with her interests for healthy living, communication and sustainability – she started sharing her recipes on Instagram (@consciouskitchenstories) and, of course, made her very own Once Upon cookbook.

The sustainable way to cook

Anna always had a conscious view of food, she chooses meat from local farms, organic vegetables, and cooks with the seasons. With the interest for sustainability growing around her, she saw an opportunity to help and inspire others to cook more sustainable food and how to choose seasonal ingredients – that’s when she started her instagram account.

The ingredients are the answers

Conscious cooking is all about picking the right ingredients, and using not just part of them but all of them. Anna says the best thing about conscious cooking is that seasonal ingredients always taste better. And when you take advantage of all parts of an ingredient it will give you a deeper and more exciting taste experience (not to mention how amazing it feels knowing you didn’t waste anything).

From root to stalk

Her Once Upon book, Root to stalk, is filled with recipes that make use of the entire raw ingredient. Several of her recipes are based on a few ingredients and with an exciting green or root vegetable in focus. Anna has always dreamed of making her own cookbook, so in a way, making this Once Upon book is a dream come true. This cookbook is mostly a keepsake of her favorite recipes for herself, as she keeps on exploring new yummy recipes, but also for her family and friends to browse through in her kitchen.

Anna’s 3 tips to make a Once Upon cookbook

  • Create a consistent structure. Sort by theme, time or in this case raw material

  • Find a good balance between text and image

  • Put your most inspiring photo on the cover