7 fun things to do with your kids this autumn

by Anna Enmark

Need something to do with your kids when they’re climbing the walls, but the weather is too cold, dark and rainy to go outside? Well, we have some ideas for you!

Build a fort with furniture and blankets

When you can’t go play in the backyard or the park, why not turn your living room into a playground? Get all your blankets, pillows and maybe even a mattress, then let your kid’s imagination create the perfect fort. When the fort is ready, cozy up inside, get a flashlight and read a book together.

Use sticks and leaves to make art

Bring in some leaves, sticks, pine cones and let them dry over night. Take out some glue, paper, googly eyes and pens. Then let you kid’s imagination run wild, maybe they can create a leaf painting, a little stick man or a dog from the pine cone.

Have a fall picnic inside

When the rain is pouring outside, eat your lunch, dinner or snack on the living room floor. Get out the picnic blanket and basket, light some candles, and drink hot chocolate from camping mugs.

Go to a rock climbing gym

Do your kids start climbing the walls after too many days inside? If you live in a bigger city, there’s probably a rock climbing gym around. Check out if they have some kids classes or instructors that can help you get started. Your kid (and their safety) will be happier climbing at a gym than on your furniture.

Bake and decorate cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? The best part about baking cookies is of course eating them, but everything taste better when you’ve made it yourself. Pro tip! Measure up all the ingredients beforehand. That way your kid can pour in every ingredient into the bucket themselves and making them feel incredibly proud and independent.

Get a coffee and babyccino

A grey, cold day and you really need a coffee to survive? Bring you kid to the coffee shop and let them try a babyccino. There’s nothing kids like more than doing what adults do - and you’ll get to enjoy your latte in peace.

Tournament in board games

Start a family board game tournament. Choose 3-5 board games and a prize - then let the games begin. Whoever wins the most games or get the most total points wins the prize.

And remember to take lots of photos!
Look through photos from your adventures together and make an autumn photo book together. Let them choose the photos and add their stories and relive the moments through their eyes. Happy autumn!