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Why you should be in the picture!

1 January 1970

It may not seem very important now, but there will come a time when you flip through your old photo books and regret not being in more photos. 

Because photos are more than just pretty pictures. They help us remember the way things were, how they made us feel. They strengthen our relationships and sense of self. They’re more than just photos, they’re memories!

And it’s actually okay to ask for help for all the reasons we listed above. It’s okay to ask (or even insist that) the people close to you to take your picture too. And we don’t just mean the “everybody smile” photos. But the in-the-moment ones, when nobody knows that their pictures is being taking. 

"I love taking photos of my family so I can remember all the fun times we have… just wish I was also in them so when my kids grow up they can see how much I was there."

Need a little help finding the right words to ask for a picture? Check out our summer contract below.