How-to-yearbook: What kind of texts do I want in my photo book?

Monthly summary

A nice way to kick off a new month in your photo book is to add a longer text to it. Telling the story of what you did during those days. You can think big picture and talk about key events, like birthday parties and holidays. Or you can focus on the small things, the little details that meant a lot for you that month. Like a favorite sweater that was worn every single day or which board games you played together, which date the lilacs bloomed that year or when the first snow fell. Things that are easy to forget, yet wonderful to remember.

He said, she said, what now?

Kids say the craziest things and grownups do too for that matter… The best way to remember all the hilarious things your loved ones say? Capture them in a caption, obviously!

Dates and places

They may seem like small things. Things that’s you’ll never forget, but when you try to cram too much information in your brain, we swear, they’re the first things to slip away.

Remember, you can write as little or as much as you like in your books. But it’s always fun to be able to look back and read a little about all the photos you’ve added.

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