3 photo books that are waiting for you in your camera roll

Autumn is upon us. Now’s the time to cosy up under a blanket and get started on those photo books that are waiting for you in your camera roll. Having trouble deciding where to start? Here are a few handy tips:

The 'Best vacay ever' book

Lots of us are longing to travel and maybe you can soon start planning a trip again, but what you always can do, is make a photo book about your previous dreamy trips and vacays too! It's also the perfect gift to give to the person you shared a fantastic trip together with!

The 'People I love the most' book

You can never have too many photo books filled with your favourite people. This is an easy one, since your camera is already jam-packed with them.

The 'My furry little friend' book

Dragging mud all over the floor, licking your face, jumping all over you, chewing your favourite shoes. Our furry little friends can get away with almost anything and we still love them. Why not capture it all in a photo book? Read more tips on making a book for your pet.

P.S. Have you tried inviting your friends and family to collaborate on your book? The perfect way to hang out, not matter how far apart you are.