I love this photo of me because… image


I love this photo of me because…

1 January 1970

Here’s a little challenge for you. The next time someone takes a photo of you. Force yourself to think of three things in the photo that you like, about yourself and what the picture shows!

As we’ve mentioned before, when looking at photos, we’re often our own worst critics. Seeing all of the flaws we think we have instead of cutting ourselves some slack and just seeing the photo for what it is, a moment in time. 

So next time you look at a photo of yourself we challenge you to skip the criticism and turn the table in your head. Instead ask yourself, what do I love about myself in this photo?

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“...it reminds me of slow, sunny summer days when the kids were on holidays and we spent our days at the beach. I was so relaxed and happy!”

Courtney Adamo, Writer & Content creator

We took the liberty of asking a few Once Uponers to share a photo of themselves with us along with a sentence about what they love about themselves in it. You should give it a try too, it might just help you change the way you see yourself.

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“...it captures a beautiful moment of realization. I’m a mother of two and for the first time I willingly shared my cake enjoying the chaos of their company over the quiet of solitude.”

Nike Van Dinther, Writer, Digital Creator

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