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Calling all moms

1 January 1970

We asked some moms and every other one of them feels that they don’t have enough photos of them with their children. But what happens to our memories in the long run, when moms aren’t in photos?

Are you a mom? Do you have a mom? Do you know a mom? It’s time to give to all moms everywhere a helping hand and take her picture this summer! 

That’s why we’ve created a contract this summer to ensure that moms everywhere are a part of their own story:

The contract, which you can fill out online or print out and hang on the fridge consists of two parts. One for a mom and one for the person entering into the contract with her. Check it out here:

We asked a few moms some questions about the photos in their family. Did you know that 52% of them feel there aren’t enough photos of them with their children? 49% feel pressured to always be the one taking the photos, because if they don’t no one else will. Only 17% feel that they share the responsibility of taking photos with their partner and as few as 7% said that dad/partners took the majority of family photos.* It’s about time we start getting mom in the picture, don’t you agree?

*According to a survey of 4000 people, who identify as moms, conducted with Pureprofile.

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