Are you a mom who...?

Are you the one who always captures moments from behind the lens? Do you sometimes feel like your not a part of your own story?

Well, we’ve got news for you. You’re not alone! Moms everywhere have the exact same experience. But, what happens to our memories in the long run, when moms aren’t in photos? We asked a few moms (about 4000 of them) in a survey conducted with Pureprofile and over half of them stated that they weren’t in enough photos with their kids.

93% didn’t mention dads or partners as taking the majority of photos in their family. Only 7% did.

Mom sitting in her pyjama, hiding her face with her hand and looking at photo book.
Pile of photo prints with top print shows a family and a "It's my story too" text.

This summer we want to change that. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of telling your family’s story alone. So we have a challenge for you for the next few months: Stop being the only one responsible for documenting and creating the family story. Stop saying no to having your photo taken and pass the camera to someone else!