7 tips for photographing old photos image


7 tips for photographing old photos

1 January 1970

Transforming old photos into a photo book will bring your and your family’s old memories to life again.

Here are seven tips when photographing old photos:


Optimal Lighting

Normal daylight by a window is perfect. Avoid flash and direct sunlight to minimize glares, shadows and reflection.


Stable Setup

Have your phone on a stable surface or tripod to prevent a blur, especially when you take photos of small or detailed prints.

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Before taking the photo, gently wipe the photos with a soft brush or cloth to remove dust and debris.


Camera settings

Adjust the phone’s camera settings for high resolution and optimal exposure.



Position the camera parallel to the photo's surface to minimize distortion.

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Fill the frame

Maximize image quality by filling the camera frame with the old photo, this helps get sharp focus without cropping or zooming.


Take multiples

Take a few shots from various angles and distances, so you have different options.

In our guide to saving old photos you can follow five simple steps to make this a fun and rewarding project.