Your furry friend deserves their own book

How often have you wished you could read your pup’s mind, or that your kitty could talk? Well, why not give your favourite little pal a voice of its own in their personal photo book.

Remember those My Best Friend-books you used to get all your friends to fill out when you were young? Why not merge the two ideas and give your pet a voice by filling out a My Best Friend-book for em’. Along with a bunch of cute photos of course. We guarantee that the results will be nothing short of adorable!

We’ve taken the liberty to jot down a few questions to help you get started.

Copy and paste the ones you want (from the list down below) straight into your own book.
Answer the questions as your own pet obviously.
Add some adorable pictures also of your pet.

Voilá, you have made the cutest photo book ever!

Here's some questions, pick and choose or take 'em all:

If I could choose my own name it would be:
My best friend:
My best skill:
I want to learn how to:
When I grow up I want to be:
Plans for the summer:

My pet humans name:
Best thing about my pet human:
My pet humans age:
Best thing about my pet human:
Worst thing about my pet human:

Favourite toy:
Favourite song:
Favourite book:
Favourite film:
Favourite actress:
Favourite hobby:
Favourite food: