Maria collects her art in photo books

An amazing artist who captures the majestic Scandinavian nature with her water colors. Maria Wigge recently began showing and selling her art and has now found the perfect way to document all her paintings even after they’ve sold. How? By saving them in a Once Upon book of course.

About My Painting

Growing up with a mother who’s an artist, I’ve always painted. It’s been a hobby that I’ve kept private, an outlet next to my regular job as an Art Director. It was only about 1.5 years ago that I opened my Instagram account and started showing my work.

Where does your love for painting stem from?
It’s in my DNA, art was always the one thing I was good at.

How old were you when you started painting?
I can’t remember, but I have vivid memories of sitting underneath my mother’s art table, making my own little drawings. And the smell of turpentine sends me right back to my childhood.

Do you only paint with water colors or do you use other techniques too?
Mainly acrylics and water colors, but I experiment with anything I can get my hands on.

What do you think is the best thing about painting?
It’s one of few things that makes me thoroughly happy, the experimentation aspect - never knowing where a painting will take me. Every piece is a journey of its own and I’m constantly learning new things.

What are your three best tips when it comes to painting with water colors?
1. Be patient, let each layer dry but…
2. …Work as fast as you can, you can only work the pigments while they’re wet.
3. Use good water color paper.

The best thing about creating a book about your hobby?
As an artist you constantly evolve and being able to flip through your progress is brilliant. Each painting is a labor of love, having them documented in a lasting way after they’re sold is worth a lot.

About My Portfolio Book

Who do you look forward to showing your book to?
Anyone that visits my home wants to see what I paint. Instead of showing them my messy studio I can simply hand them the book :)

Would you consider making a whole collection of books?
Definitely, at least one/year but might also divide them into techniques - one for watercolors and one for acrylics and allow each to have larger images.

Do you have any new or other photo book projects this summer?
We’re in the process of moving so I’m thinking of making a book for each of our kids with pictures of their friends/schools and our soon to be old home. A keepsake in case they miss home.