Make a year book: A five-tip guide

There’s something special about collecting your favorite moments from the past year in a photo book. Because just like that, all your photos come to life and the memories they hold will live on in that book. Forever. Pretty awesome, right? So, it’s about time to start your very own collection of memories with these five tips on how to get started.

But how to start?

Well, you're in luck! We’ve got a very simple guide to help you get started with your yearbook. There are of course as many ways to make a yearbook as there are people on the planet – but if you, like many others, are struggling to get started – here are a few ways to help you make that yearbook happen! And remember: done is better than perfect! Although with a Once Upon book it’s usually both (if we may say so ourselves...)!

Our 5-tip yearbook guide

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1. How do I organize my photos?
Select your favorite photos first and then watch the app organize them by date for you.

2. Who am I making the photo book for?
Choose the theme of your yearbook by thinking about who it’s for and what you want to say with it.

3. Which photos do I choose?
Pick the photos that will make your yearbook a real treasure of memories.

4. What kind of texts are fun to write?
Do you want to add texts to you book? If so, what texts can you add?

5. Who do I make the book with?
Make it together, to get more photos, more stories and more memories.