The how-to-take-a-good-photo guide

Are you the one who always captures moments from behind the lens? Do you sometimes feel like your not a part of your own story?

So by now we all that know that when it comes to in-the-moment photos most moms are way better than dads* when it comes to remembering to capture them. We also know that most women are also way better at taking cute photos and than men*. The evidence is actually quite overwhelming. So this is us, calling all dads and men in general the STEP IT UP!

To help out, we’ve created a little guide on how to take a good photo.


Take lots of photos

On iPhone you can hold the button and it will take multiple photos for you.


Try a few different angles

Down, up, from the side? What captures the moment best?


Live photos

Also, another iPhone tip is to use Live photos so you can choose the frame you like best.


Use the grid

You can start the grid and it can help guide you, to make sure you get everything you want into the shot.


Don't crop feet or heads

Try and include some space around the person in the photo (if you're not going for a portrait shot of course). 


Try a little variation

How close can you get or try backing away, how does distance change the photo?

But hey! The important thing is just to take the photo, the more you practice, the more these things will come naturally. So get snapping!

Pile of photobooks on a bookshelf, top book says "Countryside getaway".
Pile of photo prints with top print shows a family and a "It's my story too" text.

Disclaimer: *ok, ok, not all dads and men, if you’re one of those rare men who actually know how to take a nice photo, you’re awesome and we obviously don’t mean you.