Our top 3 caption tips

So, as you might know, we've launched this awesome new feature that you’ve been longing for, but now that it’s finally here – you might find yourself lost and have no idea what to write?

Don’t worry, we all feel the same way sometimes, so here comes our three best tips if you find yourself experiencing writer's block:

1. Names, places, dates

They may seem like small things. Things that’s you’ll never forget, but when you try to cram too much information in your brain, we swear, they’re the first things to slip away.

2. She said, he said, what now?

Kids say the craziest things and grownups do too for that matter… The best way to remember all the hilarious things your loved ones say? Capture them in a caption, obviously!

3. What a feeling

Sometimes just looking a photo can take you back and give you all the feels. But exactly what you were feeling doesn’t always show, by a few small words to a photo describing how you felt can change its whole meaning. Give it try in your next book and give your photos a whole new meaning.