How to make a beautiful wedding album in no time

Your wedding photo album isn’t like any photo book you’ve made before. There’s nothing quite like it. Filled to the brim with love, passion and pure joy, this will become the gateway to relive one of the best days of your life. We get it though. Starting your wedding album seems like moving a mountain, but we’re here to tell you it’s way easier than you think. Especially with a quick guide from us.

How to make a wedding album:

  • Plan your wedding album spreads
    Write a list of the moments during the day that can fill its own spread. For example, a getting ready spread, first look spread, ‘I do’ spread etc.

  • Select your favourite photos
    Look through your wedding photos and pick out your favourites. We know, this is the hard part, but you can do it!

  • Add spread by spread
    There’s no point in doing it all in one day (unless you get really into it and want to!). Do a spread or two per day, scratch them off your list as you go.

    • Getting-ready spread

    • First look spread

    • Bridal party spread

    • ‘I do’ spread

      … and so on.

  • Let the shuffle design your photo book
    Easy-peasy-wedding album-squeeze! We’ve put a lot of time into the design of the book, all you do is add the photos and shuffle to your favourite layout. And you will get a wedding album designed to last for generation.

  • Pick your photo book style and size – then order away!

    Pretty cool thing with Once Upon: you don’t have to pick which book format you want before you order your book! Now when it’s designed and ready, you just pick the format that fits your photos the best, then order away! (You can even order multiple copies in different sizes and styles for family and friends.)

Six more tips to get your wedding album ready:

Start by starting
Well, we have to give you the most obvious tip there is: start making your photo book as soon as possible after the wedding. You’re still feeling all the feels and can transfer those newly-wed emotions into the book.

The ‘right’ time
Oh, we’ve been there. Procrastinating to the ‘right’ time, the ‘right’ place and the ‘right’ mood. Well, you can’t just hang around waiting for it. Set a day and time (and stick to it!), set the mood with some candles and a cozy blanket, maybe listen to your wedding playlist – bring your mind back to that day and get started. Maybe even make it a date night?

Include your vows
Did you and your partner have personal vows? Include them in the book. You can either take photos of them jotted down on a piece of paper or rewrite them in your photo book. Either way, it will make your book even more personal!

Use full-page spreads
We know that you have a lot of photos you want to add to the album, preferably all of them. But try adding a spread or two with only one large photo. It gives your eyes a break and you get a chance to just absorb the atmosphere and the love in the photo.

Back up your story with details
Use detailed photos to deepen the story but choose your key photo first. For example, have a large photo of you or your partner (or both) holding the bouquet on one page, then fill up with a few detailed bouquet photos on the other page of the spread.

Choose the photos YOU want
Remember that this is your time capsule, your gateway to one of the best days of your life. So, if you don’t want to include photos of anyone but you and your partner – don’t. If you want to include photos of each and everyone one that was there – do. This book is for you and your partner.

So now, go take your wonderful wedding photos trapped in your phone and make your wedding time capsule. And just remember, the hardest thing is always to get started - so just start by starting!