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Make a kid's art book

1 de enero de 1970

Who actually keeps all 762398 drawings that your kids make? Anyone? Well, here’s how you make your kid’s artwork into a coffee table book:

Your kid's darwings might hang on the fridge for a while, but then what? You feel bad about tossing them (and forbid your kid finds their artwork in the trash), but where will you keep them so they won’t just end up taking up a lot of space in the attic? Well, it’s way easier than you think!

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Pick out the faves

If you’ve been piling up your kid’s artwork for a while now it might be too much to put every single one into the photo book. Why not take out that pile of drawings you’ve saved and let your kid choose their favorites?


Snap a photo of the drawing

No need for scanners or fancy machines, just snap a photo of the drawing with your phone. Quick tip! Take the photo in daylight (but not sunlight) and crop the edges in your camera roll editor.


Add the photo to the app

After you snap the photo you just add the photo to the Once Upon app. Maybe you’ll want the drawing to take up a full page, maybe you can fit a couple of similar drawings on the same page. Play around with the shuffle button and see what works best for you!


Write a short image caption

We forget things way too quickly! So adding a caption to the drawing about when or where it was made, your kid’s age or what the drawing is portraying (we all know that’s not always easy to see) will be priceless in a few years when you’re flicking through the book.


One drawing at a time

After you’ve added the faves from the never-ending-pile-of-drawings, start adding your kid’s artwork as they make them. No more piles, no more lame excuses to why your kid found their artwork in the trash and no more feeling guilty about the unorganized boxes in the attic!