Three ways to “my baby’s first year” book image


Three ways to “my baby’s first year” book

January 1, 1970

Obviously there are a lot of ways to make your baby’s first year-book. It all depends on the amount of time you have.

My baby never seems to give me a break

By far the easiest way is to just add all the photos you have from that first year (well up to 594 if you want to fill each spread to the max) and add a title, like your baby’s name for instance and that’s it. You’re done! You now have a lovely book filled with memories from your first year together in no time at all.

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My baby actually takes naps now and then

If you're looking to take things to the next level you can always add captions to the photos. Little anecdotes to help you remember more clearly, what went on, when it happened and how it felt.

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Wow! My baby actually sleeps a lot

If you feel like captions aren’t enough, you can always divide the book into twelve chapters, one for each month. With a catchy title and an extensive summary of the month. You can even add a prolog about the pregnancy. you might even be one of those types of people who like to plan ahead? Why not get started on the prolog before the baby even comes? Because what? When it does come, you might not have as much time on your hands. Check out our list of questions and photos for a little inspo.

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