We want to become 100% sustainable

100% sustainable. Pretty ambitious, right! We know. But, honestly, nothing else would feel right. Or enough. Because we want run Once Upon in a way that is sustainable in the long run, both for the planet and the people that live here, that's why there's no other way forward than aiming for 100% sustainability. What we do today affects our tomorrow and the rest of our futures. We need to take responsibility for our children and ensure that they can live on a healthy planet for generations to come. In other words: If we have started a company, we need to take full responsibility for it.

What we are doing to reach our goal

We have developed a clear plan on how to move forward with our sustainability work. And we may just getting started, but instead of looking back feeling that we should have started sooner (isn't that always the way?) we're looking forward and are super dedicated to get to where we want to be, fast!

What the plan looks like:

Know and knowhow

We are now, in this very moment, challenging our suppliers regarding the environment, ethics and work environment and insisting that they meet our requirements pronto. We are mapping our emissions and as soon as we have calculated our carbon footprint, we will tell you exactly what it looks like and how we plan to reduce it.

Managing our resources in the best way

When we have full knowledge and control over our supply chain and emissions, we can take steps in the right direction to manage our resources in the smartest way possible. Our business requires resources; forest, paper raw material, energy and fuel, just to name a few. We are currently investigating ways in which we can reduce these resources impact on the environment. For instance, we want to understand how we can contribute to a more sustainable forestry and what changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint as quickly as possible. An other important resource for us is of course our employees - to safeguard a sustainable culture for everyone who works at Once Upon is also one of our top priority sustainability issues.

Inspire and involve

We want our product development to align with our vision of sustainability, but in the long run it just isn't enough to be "good enough" when it comes to these issues. That's why we want to contribute and help and inspire more companies to do their bit, both within and outside our own business sector. Inspiration and innovation are two things we value very high, and we see it as a no-brainer to combine them in our work with becoming sustainable. The mere thought of it all makes our hearts skip a beat. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we know where we want to be and are beginning to figure how we're going to get there.

What we’re doing reduce our climate footprint within the company, which we have full control over:

Green energy in the office

Recycling all our waste from the office

In 2022, we are moving to an environmentally certified office building

We have a circular focus when moving our office and when buying “new” furniture (always second hand when it is possible).

What we are doing to reduce our climate footprint throughout our production chain (where we don’t have full control not but operate through our suppliers):

In the autumn of 2021, we removed the plastic packaging around the books. Which means that we’re saving almost 3 tons of CO2 per year. (The figure is calculated on our predicted use of plastic until 2050. It is summed up to 2.9 tonnes and given that we have now removed all plastic, we have completed removed this climate impact. As we grow, the continued use of plastic would have resulted in even higher emissions, which will now be avoided.) The successful removal of plastic for our books also resulted in our print partners removing them for deliveries for other companies as well. We just love when improvements we’re doing are picked up by other companies as well!

We’re in the process of getting FSC-certified and estimation is that this will be completed in Q2 2022.

We’re working on getting all facilities switch over to using only renewable energy.

An ongoing project that is estimated to give a 20% saving on the cardboard we use for packaging is ongoing. The new packaging is estimated to go live in production in May 2022. To start with in our Netherland and Swedish printer.

Our printers

We have printers all over the world, from Australia to America and a few places in between. This means that your Once Upon books are printed as near to you as possible, reducing out climate footprint a great deal.