Our vision is simple: to celebrate life and make the world a little bit happier!

We believe that life should be celebrated – always! The big things and the small. Everyday life as well as parties. The good and the not so good. We also believe in sharing and reliving memories together and that sharing stories strengthens relationships. Between siblings and parents, within families, between people. And of course also between colleagues. Once Upon was launched on the App Store and Google Play in the summer of 2017. Today we are about 60 people. And now we want to grow, a lot! Do you want to be a part of the journey (of course you do!)? Read more about us and feel free to drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you!

Who we are

Everything has a beginning

When Lina Andersson, founder of Once Upon, realized that her third child Sally didn't have a single photo album, even though her phone was bursting with photos, she realized that she had a problem which didn't have a solution that suited her. She liked photo books, but not how they were made: afterwards, on the computer, in retrospect, with complicated layout programs. An idea was born. After that, things moved quickly and in the autumn of 2016, Once Upon app was started - the new way of making photo books.

With full focus on the user

We want to create the best customer experience with an app, that meets the user's needs and a product that everyone can succeed with. We want to solve problems in ways that are both easier and more fun than the solutions that have previously existed. We also want to have the best support experience, to be available for our customers and leave them with a positive feeling (that is also why our support team is now called Customer Care). A support case is not an end destination, it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

What we believe in

Our gut feelings + Our heart = Our culture

At Once Upon we believe in everyone's ability, based on their own capability, to have the freedom and the responsibility to create their own best work situation. Our way of working and acting towards one another is the foundation of our work culture. We are all human and that's just fine.

”We care - about each other, our users and the world we live in”

We make choices and treat each other based on hearts and gut feeling, we want to create a safe, caring environment that gives everyone space to be their whole self, all the time. We want to make more and more choices that contribute to a better environment.

”We dare - to question, try and fail”

We dare to do what we believe in and try to find smart ways to test our theories - failing at something is not the opposite of succeeding in the long run.

”We are free - and fully responsible”

We give each other the confidence to discover opportunities and drive improvements, in all areas. In that freedom, everyone takes responsibility for their priorities. The goal is for everyone to feel ownership, and situations where employees feel powerless or locked in are avoided at all costs. As free and responsible individuals, we all do our very best to make Once Upon as good as it can be, together!

Where we are

From Skellefteå – and locally worldwide

Once Upon was founded in the Swedish city of Skellefteå, but you can find us anywhere in the world. We believe in localization and translate both the app and our marketing into different languages. We want to be close to our customers and have print-shops in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, US and UK.

Once Upon in numbers

The app is available in 12 languages. We have over 5 million downloads. We have sold books to 109 different countries worldwide.