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3 ways to make a recipe book

January 1, 1970

There are plenty of ways to make a recipe book. And we mean plenty. You probably have recipes saved on print screens on your phone, jotted down on a notepad somewhere, recipes saved on your computer or ripped out from a magazine? Here’s three easy ways to make your own cookbook from all those scattered recipes.

The quick-and-easy recipe book

Are you the kind of person who scrolls through social media to realize you’ve watched people cook different types of food for hours (no shame, we’re totally with you)? If you’re not doing it already, start taking print screens of those recipes and add them to your own Once Upon recipe book. Easy-peasy-cookbook-squeeze!

The fam’s old recipe book

Do you have an old recipe book in which your grandma (in her squiggly handwriting) jotted down all her amazing recipes, but you barely take it out of its drawer since you’re scared you’ll break it, spill on it or just accidentally rip a page off? Time to start making use of the fam’s secret recipes! Take out the book from its drawer, take a photo of each page and add them to your Once Upon cookbook. The family’s secret recipes are safe!

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The your own fave recipe book

Maybe you're the person who just goes for it in the kitchen? A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Then, the next time you’re trying to do the same thing it’s impossible. Well, it takes literally a minute to write down your recipes in a Once Upon book while you’re making them. Maybe snap a quick photo of the dish while you're at it and you’ll have all your fave recipes gathered, ready for you to make them many more times!