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Make room for all the feels

January 1, 1970

As we all know, things don't always go as planned. Be it falling flat on your face as soon as you arrive at the skate park, the babysitter cancelling or bad weather ruining your day at the beach...

Then and there, it sucks. It really, really sucks. But, in hindsight unexpected curveballs can become your favorite moment to look back on. Like when your 2-year-old suddenly goes on strike because they didn’t get to pick up that stick they saw by the side of the road, for instance.

Showing all kinds of feelings in your photos can not only serve as a little reminder of the challenges in life, but also help you remember what you’ve been through and how crazy strong you are!

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So make sure that you capture the quiet, crazy and sad moments too. The ones that capture life’s challenges, your loved ones whole personalities and show life just as it is.

Tips: Moments you never knew you’d want to remember (you’ll thank us later)

From favourite cereal brands to favourite shows that they (or you for that matter) watched over and over again.

The state of your kids’ bedrooms, so you have proof of how messy they were.

05.00 mornings, to be able to look back and think “How on earth did I manage that?”.

Sports practices (not only the actual games) so your kids can look back and see how hard they worked.

The haircut you hated so much it actually made you cry.

The first bite of a jelly doughnut.

A funeral reception, it may sound a bit strange, but remembering your loved ones together and having it on camera is often appreciated.

Sibling quarrels, because let’s be honest, it’s not as if they always get along…

The heartbreak of dropping an ice cream.