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Remember all your kid’s funny sayings

1 January 1970

All little kids are just straight up comedians, aren’t they? Some of the things they say, ask or just contemplate about makes you bite your lip numb not to burst out laughing.

Because you can’t really laugh at them, not then and there, but what if – in a couple of years – you could laugh together about their un-knowling hilarious sayings? Here’s how you remember those funny comments with close-to-zero effort:

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Create a Once Upon book and name it something like “Adina’s Funny Sayings”

Use the book as your notepad and add the comment right away, so all the sayings are collected in one place and before they slip your mind.

When you have some time to spare, fix the layout and of the book little by little. Maybe you can divide the sayings into categories (deep thoughts, curve balls, truth is harsh etc), your kid’s age or a time period. Maybe you add some photos from that moment or a totally irrelevant but cute photo of your kid. Or maybe you just have one quote per spread with a photo.

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As simple as that, now you’ll remember those hilarious little comments – and you’ll be able to share them with the comedian themselves when they’re old enough!