Que saves her food art forever... image


Que saves her food art forever...

1 January 1970

...in a Once Upon book, of course! Que Phuong Tran is a food art expert from Vietnam who has made a Once Upon book showing her favourite art pieces.

The love for food art

Que’s passion for food art all started one day when she served her son maki rolls. Her son was staring at the plate and said, “Wow, it’s a flower.” Since she was a kid Que loved drawing and play-dough, so she thought: “Why not start serving storytelling food art to surprise him while at the same time unlocking my creative side.” She continues, “When presented in a fun way, food can put a smile on kids’ faces and encourage them to eat more nutritious foods while at the same time engaging them.”

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Que's food art

Que says her style can be described in two words: Edible and tasty. “I focus not only on decoration but also on flavour and variety.” She always had the passion to be creative with her hands, but her interest for food and cooking didn’t start until she was around 18 years old and started studying. But now, she enjoys cooking almost as much as being creative with the food!

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Three tips when you start with food art:


Sketch out your inspiration

Sketching out all your ideas on paper will provide you with a clearer visualization.


Select a variety of food

It will ensures a well-balanced diet as well as a colourful and textural contrasting artwork.


Meal planning

To save time and prevent food waste. Food is best when served immediately after preparation.

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And of course... Que's best tips to make a Once Upon Book about your hobby:

The simpler the better. Leave white space between photos and select photos with similar colours or tones on the same page.

For books related to food, it’s good to have a description to fit each photo and follow a common structure (recipes, for example).

Select the correct format. For instance a portrait-orientation book if most of your photos are taken in portrait format. Choose an appropriate layout that highlights your best shots, for example, a photo across two pages can give a real impact.