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Karin’s green garden

1 January 1970

It was during the summer of ’19 that Karin tagged us on Instagram with her photo book ”Green Garden”. An album that stunned us as well of all of her followers. Karin’s photo book became so popular that she’s ordered around 200 copies for her family, friends and followers.

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Written by @Karin_at_home

Karin's tips on how to create the perfect garden



First and foremost choose what makes you happy.


Different shapes

Combine different shapes, sizes and shades of green.


Smell and taste

Don’t forget to add herbs to your garden, they smell (and taste) great!


Try new things

And why not try vegetables in crates, the feeling of harvesting vegetables from your own garden, there’s none quite like it.

When I made my ‘Green Garden’ photo book...

I wanted it to feel fresh and clean. I really love the white spaces in the Once Upon books, they allow my photos to speak for themselves. I was aiming for a coffee-table-book feeling, to inspire others. A feel-good book, that when you begin to read, gives you the urge to get started with your own garden projects. I think I ordered around the 200 copies of my ‘Groene Tuin’ book.

The best thing about Once Upon is the beautiful design of the book and above all the great service every time. I’ve also made a cosy winter book, about 75 copies, for my followers.

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