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In this section, you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions about Once Upon. These can be questions about the app, ordering of books or how to download the app. If you have an iPhone, you can find the app on the AppStore, while if you have an Android phone, you can find it on Google Play. To read about the policies when you use the app and order books from us, you can visit the legal section.

The covid-19

Will my order or delivery time be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

We may currently experience slightly longer delivery times due to the impact of COVID-19. Due to external factors we can't give an exact answer on how this may effect your delivery time. However, we print our books in Germany, Sweden, Australia and the Netherlands which means normal delivery times are expected in these countries. This text is updated frequently as the situation changes.


For your currency, please check the app.

What are the prices of the books?

The price of your book depends on how many pages it has (the minimum amount of pages per book is 30 and the maximum is 100). The price also depends on which book format you choose. Currently, we have three different options: Casual, Compact and Classic. Here are some price examples for each book:

CASUAL, soft cover, 20x20 cm

Up to 30 pages: €24.50 / £20 Extra page: €0.80 / £0.50 each Optional, silk matte paper: €0.10 / £0.10 extra/page

COMPACT, hard cover, 20x20 cm

Up to 30 pages: €29.50 / £25 Extra page: €0.80 / £0.50 each Optional, silk matte paper: €0.10 / £0.10 extra/page

CLASSIC, hard cover, 27x27 cm

Up to 30 pages: €39.50 / £35 Extra page: €1.00 / £0.70 each Optional, silk matte paper: €0.15 / £0.10 extra/page

The app

I have an idea to help improve the app / photo book. How can I share it with you?

Great! Please contact us via or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Why do I have register my e-mail address in the app?

When you sign up for a Once Upon account, we can begin to backup your books, both ordered and ongoing. You can read more about it in the Storage section below.

Why do I receive an error message when I try to upload images while my phone is on flight mode?

This is probably because your images are stored in a cloud service and you do not have the original image saved on your device. If this is the case, the app can't import the image without internet. The original image usually have a high resolution, which is needed for good quality printing.

I have an iPhone and the images taken with "live" mode are not visible in the app. Why is this?

The "live" images are not one single image, but a sequence of images. Unfortunately the app can only support still images, not sequences.

I have an iPhone that keeps the original, high resolution images in iCloud - Which image is imported by the app?

Once Upon will fetch the high resolution image from iCloud automatically.

Can I work on several books at the same time?

You can create and work on as many books as you like at the same time.

Can I copy a book?

How do I delete a book?

Open your book and go to Photo book settings. There, you can select the “Delete book”. You will then receive a pop up asking you to confirm that you understand that this is a permanent action, which cannot be undone.

Where do I see which version of the app I have?

Go to Settings > Information & Support. There you can see the app version.

Which languages is the app available in?

English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. You can change the language by going to Settings > Language.


Which sizes can I order the books in?

We offer square photo books in the sizes 20x20 cm and 27x27 cm. The small one can be ordered in both hardcover and softcover. The large book is only available in hardcover.

How many pages can my photo book have?

Our books can have a minimum of 30 pages and a maximum of 100 pages. You can of course order the book with less than 30 pages, but you'll be left with some blank pages at the end of the book. This is due to limitations in our production process.

What does the book spine look like?

Books with a hard cover have the title of the book printed on the spine. Books with a soft cover have a blank book spine.

What is the quality of the paper that the books are printed on?

The pages of the book are printed on 200g semi-gloss or silke matte paper. The cover is always matte, whether it is soft or hard.

Cover and layout

Does the text always appear on the left-hand side of the spread?

Yes, your texts always appear on the left-hand side, and your images on the right. Our intention with Once Upon is to help users focus on their memories, while the layout takes care of itself. To make that possible, we have created a template that makes it quick and easy for you to write texts, post pictures, and select a nice layout.

Do I have to write text for each post?

No, you are not required to write anything – you can choose to only us images if you want.

How many photos can I add per post?

A spread can have 1-6 images, regardless of whether or not you choose to use text.

How do I know if my photos resolution is high (good) enough to use in print?

If your photos are below our 3 megapixel recommendation, an exclamation mark will appear in the right-hand corner. This is an indication that the photo resolution isn't high enough, and the photo will probably be pixelated in print, but it could work in a smaller format. For best results, however, photos should have at least a resolution of 10 megapixels.

If I only want photos and no text in a spread, how will the images be distributed?

We have developed a number of design options that you can choose from. Our layout algorithm places your images in a collage based on the number of images and their format (landscape, portrait or square). The first picture in your post always appears on the left side of the spread, then the remaining images are filled in. If you only upload one image, you can choose whether it appears on the left or right side of the spread or if you want it to cover the entire spread.

Can I change the order of the images that I've put in?

Yes. In edit mode, you can adjust the order of the images. By pressing and holding an image and then dragging it into the desired position. Please note that the first image in the sequence will by default always be placed on the left page of the spread if you do not add any text. To see examples of how this works, you can search #onceuponappdate on Instagram. You can also follow that hashtag to view all updates, directly in your feed.

Why can't I rearrange the photos in my book?

Our intention with Once Upon is to help users focus on their memories, while the layout takes care of itself. We want to keep it simple That's why the choices are limited. Of course, we are very interested in hearing what features users do/do not want to see in future versions of the app. If you have any ideas or input, please feel free to contact us at!

Does the app crop my images?

For now, we only support square images and 4:3 formats on portrait and landscape images. If your photos have other measurements, they will be cropped to fit our layout templates.

Can I change the order of my stories?

Every story you create is automatically placed at the back of the book (i.e. at the bottom of app's feed). But, you can change the order however you want by our classic drag and drop feature. Here's how it works: Hold your finger on the story that you want to move, drag it to the desired location, and release. It's that easy!

Can I remove the date from the book cover and pages?

Yes. When you edit the cover, you can erase the date. The line under the title will then also disappear. To show/hide date on text spreads, tap the three dots in the top right corner to access the Photo book settings.

Can I write a text under the title of the cover instead of having a date?

Yes, you can. From version 2.8.0 it is possible to write a shorter free text under the heading. Yay!

What format can I select for my cover image?

You choose between a square, portrait or landscape format and the cover design will be adjusted accordingly.

Is the title always printed on the back cover of the book?

Yes, the title is always printed on the back of our hardcover versions, Compact and Classic. On our softcover version, Casual, we do not print the title on the back cover.

Can I use emojis?

Starting with version 1.4.1 we no longer support emojis. The reason is that emojis are not properly loaded into print file and will appear as "strange characters" in the book, instead of emojis.

Where do I find inspirational photos of the books?

The best thing is to visit us on Instagram where we are called @onceuponapp. In our story highlights you will find inspirational photos and other valuable information.

Collaborate on photo books

Can I make a photobook with other people?

Yes! You can invite as many friends as you like to join a project with you.

How do I collaborate on a photobook with other people?

Create an album as usual, making a cover with a title and image. Next, click on the plus symbol on the book previews edge. Send your invitations to friends via your preferred channel (e-mail, sms, Facebook Messenger or other options). Once friends join your project, you’re all set to start collaborating! You can also invite people by having them scan the QR code in your app, using their own phone camera or other QR code reader (there’s no reader in the Once Upon app).

How do I make and use QR codes?

In the 'Friends' menu of your collaborative album, click on 'Create QR code'. This creates a code, unique to your project. Let your friend(s) scan this code with their phone camera, and your photo book should appear in their app immediately.

How many friends can I invite to join my album?

As many as you like! Your invitation link works for up to 100 people for practical reasons, but if you'd like to invite more contributors, simply create another link for every 100 people.

How do I see who I've invited to collaborate?

In your album, click the icon showing two figures for a list of who's accepted your invitation. If someone's missing but you've sent them an invitation, they haven't accepted yet. Why not give them a gentle nudge?

How do I remove a collaborator?

Go into your album, click on the icon showing two figures, and select 'Remove'. Doing this cancels access to your project for that specific friend.

Who has permission to remove collaborators from a project?

Only the owner, or creator, of an album can remove people from the project.

What happens to images uploaded by someone who's left the project?

Images added by a former collaboarator remain in the album as they're stored in the Once Upon cloud, even if the person leaves the collaboration.

Can anyone invite people to collaborate on my project?

Initially, only you as the album creator can invite friends to join. The invitation links are then open, meaning that they can be forwarded and used by up to 100 people before deactivating. This also applies to QR codes.

Can all collaborators create spreads and add images?

Yes, we're all queens here – everyone contributing enjoys the same editing functionality!

Can I invite someone to look but not touch?

No, anyone you add to your project can upload, edit and remove captions, images and spreads. Don't worry, everything will work out if you make sure you only add friends!

Can I rearrange images that someone else has added?

Within the same page you can edit the order of any images by going to 'Photos & sequence', where you can view various layout options by clicking 'Shuffle layout'. Drag and drop to swap the order of your spreads – however, you cannot move an image from one spread to another. Handy hint: you may be able to copy a spread, then add or delete pictures in the copied spread. Copy spreads by swiping them to the side.

Can I download pictures uploaded by someone else?


What happens if we edit the same page simultaneously?

Two contributors cannot work on the same page at the same time – you can see which spreads your friends are working on in real time through the app. As soon as they've saved their edits, you can begin yours.

What happens if my friend takes up a spread for ages?

If they're inactive for 8 hours, they'll be logged out of the spread, so give them more time or a friendly reminder.

Can I see my friends' spreads once they're done?

Yes, as soon as their work saves, it appears in your app. If you see grey boxes when viewing your friends' work, they (or maybe even you) haven't been online to synch your album.

Will I get push notifications from the app?

Yes! If you allow the app to send notifications, you'll receive push notifications whenever anyone adds new images to your album. There won't be any notifications however when captions or layouts are edited for existing images.

Can I see which spreads have been edited since I was last active?

Yes, if your friends have edited your collaborative album, you'll see notifications both on the home screen of your app and in the photo book itself. The indicators show on pages where someone has saved a change – for example, caption edits for new images.

Can I see who's made what changes and when?

No, the indicators appear only at the moment a change has been made.

Can I revert to an earlier version of my album?

No, unfortunately what's done is done.

How many pages can a collaborative album have?

100 pages, just like a regular photo book.

Can I work on my collaborative album offline?

No, you need to be online to edit a joint photo book. If you'd like to work on your project while offline, you can create a regular album, make your spreads and then copy/paste them into the collaborative album you desire once you're back online. Hot tip: this is perfect for doing before a flight!

Can I create a collaborative album when offline?

No, you need to be online to invite friends to join your project. If you'd like to start a book offline, you'll have no trouble creating a regular photo book. Simply make your spreads and begin inviting friends to join you when you're connected again. Incidentally, this is a hot tip for places like airports before a flight!

Can everyone order the album?

Yes, everyone contributing to the photobook can order a copy, and they'll receive the photo book as it appears at the time of ordering.

Can I edit my photo book even if I've ordered it?

Yes, anyone contributing to the album can make edits after ordering, and reorder as many times as you like!

How much is a collaborative album?

Collaborative albums cost the same as our other photo books (see our prices further down on this page, in the app or start page).


I have entered my card number correctly but cannot go further when I try to pay for my order. What should I do?

Please make sure that you have money in the account that your card is attached to. If this doesn't solve the problem, you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact our support. If you have a card from Nordea, you need to open your card before every online payment. You can do this from the bank’s homepage or app.

How do I pay for my book?

Credit cards are valid option the whole world. For Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Klarna's also available as a payment method. For the Netherlands iDEAL is accepted as well.


What happens to the digital book when I order my book?

All of your ordered books will be kept in the app. So that you can order them again as many times as you like. You can order the book just as it is or make a copy and edit the it as you please. However if you edit the original book, your changes will be saved and you won’t be able to go back to earlier versions. So if you’re in the editing mood, we recommend making a copy for your new changes, and keeping the old book as back-up, just in case.

How do I order my book in the app?

You can order either directly from the book preview or from the shop.

Can I cancel or adjust an order after I have placed it?

No, it is not possible to cancel orders once they have been placed.

Can I order several books at the same time?

Yes, you can order several books at the same time and even several copies of the same book, even in different formats. Your past books are saved in the app (in the shop section) and you can also order more copies of them in the same order with new books.

Where are the photo books printed?

Our photobooks are printed in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.


How are the books shipped to me?

We have several different delivery options. The one that suits you best depends on where you live, the size of the books, and the number of books you have ordered. We ship to many parts of the world, but if you are unsure whether we deliver to your area, please contact us.

How long is the estimated delivery time?

Sweden, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands: 5-7 business days from order date The rest of Europe: Up to 10 business days from order date USA: Up to 10 business days from order date The rest of the world: 10-20 business days from order date

Can toll costs occur?

Yes, toll or other additional expenses can occur to countries outside of the EU. You, as a customer, are responsible for any toll or other additional expenses that may occur.

Christmas Delivery

Christmas is around the corner and we all know what that means, it’s photo book season! Ok, so not quite around the corner, but we are getting ready!

Read more


What does storage mean to me?

Once you sign up for a Once Upon account, we will start saving the contents of your books, both ordered and ongoing. You can then log on to any other phone and continue working on your books. This also ensures that you have a backup of your content, in case anything happens to your phone.

How do I get my content backed up?

The storage begins as soon as your email address is verified. If you have books linked to your account, your high-resolution content will be downloaded to any new phone that you log in to. This applies to content for both ordered and ongoing books. Please note, you can only be logged in to one phone at a time.

How do I delete my account?

If you do not wish to continue using your account, you can delete it at any time in the app's settings. This will remove your account and all your content from our servers and your phone.

How do you handle my personal information?

In our Privacy Policy, you can read more about how we handle your content and your personal information.