Make your own recipe book

Sharing and enjoying food together have a way of uniting us.

Sharing and enjoying food together have a way of uniting us. Whether it’s your grandma’s favorite dish or a friend’s everyday breakfast bowl, adding those recipes into your own cookbook will connect you through generations and kitchens.

Keep your recipe book in your own kitchen to remember your favorite recipes, give as a gift or pass down as a family heirloom. Here’s an easy guide to make your own cookbook:

1. Set a theme

2. Gather recipes and photos

3. Add personality

4. Share with family and friends

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Set a theme

To make it easier for yourself to get your recipe book done, set a theme for your book first. It could be a specific cuisine, a seasonal focus, or a collection of family favorites.

10 titles of cookbooks to make:
  • Secret family recipes
  • Breakfast bowls
  • Kids favorite recipes
  • Restaurants ratings
  • My vegetarian favorites
  • Comfort classics
  • Dessert delights
  • Outdoor adventure food
  • Everyday food inspo
  • Seasonal sensations
  • Holiday food gems
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Gather recipes and photos

Collect all your favorite recipes, whether they're handwritten notes, print screens on your phone, or passed down through generations. Organize them into categories like appetizers, main courses, desserts and so on.

Take photos of the dishes (or maybe you already have the photos you need on your phone) and let your photos tell the story, reminding you about the time you totally failed the dish or the fun times enjoying it with loved ones.

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Add personality

It’s your cooking story, so make sure to add your personal touch to the cookbook. Include stories, photos, or memories associated with each recipe, maybe the origin of the dish, photos while cooking it or the first time you shared it with others.


Share with family and friends

You can add your partner, friends or family as co-creators and make the recipe book together. Or you can order one book for yourself and make duplicates you give to your family and friends, surprising them with their own recipes published in a cookbook!