Make a year book: Organize your photos

If it feels like you have around a billion photos from the past year, it might feel a little overwhelming picking out your favs and squeezing them into one book. So, here are some tricks to make it both a bit easier and quicker to add those memories to your year book.

Quickly organize your photos

Pick out which photos from (at least) 10 similar photos are your favorites. You can add them to your favorite album by simply tapping the heart or making a specific album and adding them to it.

Easily add them to your book

In the app, pick your ‘Favorites’ album (or the album you made) and the photos will be organized in months and by date. Just upload the photos one spread at a time or all at once.

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No design skills needed

If you add all your photos at once, the app will design the whole book for you, but you can (ofc!) move photos around and change between layouts. And same if you add one spread at a time, play around with the shuffle – add another photo, remove a photo, replace a vertical photo with a horizontal one and hit shuffle – to see what the layout engine comes up with next!

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