Have you tried our collab feature?

Collabing with friends and family just got a whole lot easier. Imaging you’re making a book with your BFFs, from a trip you went on a couple of years back. You all live in different cities now, but you want to make this book together. So, you find Once Upons collab feature which is just perfect. But, there are a TON of photos and A LOT of them are basically exactly the same. And of course you don’t want loads of spreads with pretty much the same photos, but at the same time, you do want to see each others pics to choose which ones are the best…

Drag and drop between spreads solves this problem. Because now all of you can add all your photos and move and organize them between spreads afterwards. So you get cohesive spreads and a story timeline that unfolds exactly the way you want it to.

P.s. There’s no limit to how many people can collab on a book together.