The journey behind our new brand identity image


The journey behind our new brand identity

1 de enero de 1970

We’ve had a little chat with our Product Designer, Helena Melender, to take a little peek behind the scenes on how this feature has been developed.

When did you start working on the image uploader?

We started working on the image uploader right after our summer vacation, around the end of August. We always try to find different ways to bring value to our Once Uponers and we constantly talk about and re-evaluate ways to do just that. We know that a lot of Once Uponers want to be able to create their photo books with a desktop feature and let’s just say; we’re working on it. But we saw a lot of value in offering this feature as soon as it was ready.

How long did it take to develop?

It took roughly four months to develop so that the image loader was good enough to launch. But as with everything we do, we’re still working on adjustments and improvements.

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What was the most challenging part of creating this feature?

The most difficult part was making sure that it was clear to our Once Uponers that this is a feature where you can upload your photos from your computer to the Once Upon app. A way to add photos that are stored in other places than your phone (on your computer, camera or hard drive for example). We didn’t want anyone to think that it was a cloud storage solution or that they could create a whole Once Upon book on their desktop (yet!).

What was the best part developing it?

Well, the teamwork behind this feature has definitely been the best part – how we’re always ready to explore and find new ways to move forward together! And also meeting our Once Uponers, of course. We always involve them in everything we do and it’s so fun and educational to hear their thoughts and opinions. It’s the best way to ensure that we’re on the right track and developing the right things!

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What comes next?

Well, I don’t want to say too much… but we are working on a desktop feature that will allow you to create your books on a computer. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about that. And as I mentioned earlier, we’re always working to making the app and web even better. Once uponifing the world one step at a time!