Sanne's collection of memories

The talented photographer Sanne Jennes fell in love with photography when she was only 15. Since then she’s been on an amazing journey, first not really knowing what she was doing but still loving it, to now working full-time with capturing her clients’ special moments. Not only does she do it for a living, she spends most of her free time traveling to see and capture the beauty of new places. And of course, she has a full collection of Once Upon books filled with her absolutely favorite shots.

Keeping memories

Sanne found Once Upon through Instagram when she felt it was long overdue to make some photo books. I loved the photo books that my mom made for us when we were little, Sanne says, and it was such a shame that all these new experiences and beautiful places were just stuck on a hard drive or on Instagram. Sanne looked around for different options to uphold the tradition of keeping her memories in a tangible copy and found Once Upon. I was really picky about what I wanted it to look like, Sanne laughs, but Once Upon was just the perfect match for me. I love the layouts, the clean covers, the unity the books form on a pile and that it is super easy to make – I already have around 14-15 books in my collection!

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Traveling in time

Sanne's favorite part about having a collection of photo books is that they take her back in time. Maybe I am a bit of a nostalgic person, Sanne says, but having photo books really lets me experience everything again and again. One moment I can be in Iceland but another moment I’m in Zion National Park.

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First trip after the pandemic

The latest Once Upon book in her collection, and possibly one of the most gorgeous photo books we’ve ever seen, is about her 11-day trip to Iceland. The Iceland book is really special to me, Sanne explains, since it was a trip two years in the making and the one I was probably the most excited over, ever. This book is a little different from the other travel books I made, Sanne continues, normally I write an intro to each book and share some things I want to remember. But this one has become more like a travel diary, a really detailed story about our days in Iceland and everything we got to experience.

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Organize your images

Organize your images (a bit) before starting. Especially when you are making a yearbook it is nice to filter out your special moments so you don’t have to scroll through too many images.


Let a photo take space

Don’t always put too many images on one page, some images deserve some more attention in a book.


Add details

Write more detailed about your experiences. One thing I’ve learned is that we tend to forget little details very easily and some things you just want to be able to recall forever.