New feature – a game changer for photo books image


New feature – a game changer for photo books

1 de enero de 1970

Autofill. Doesn’t that just have a good ring to it? Autofill is what we’re calling our brand-new feature that allows you to upload your images to your photo book in one go. Not sure what we mean? Alright, let us explain.

When you start making a photo book, simply go through your camera roll (or wherever your favorite images are stored) and choose up to 594 images all at once. Now, all you have to do is sit back while the app fills up your spreads. And if you want to add a personal touch to your album, write some well-chosen words to describe your images, and there you have it – a completed photo book.

Autofill still works for the photo books that you’re already working on, of course. Just use the feature to upload all the images you can fit on the remaining spreads. Simple as that!

This makes it easier to prepare and organize images in advance. You could arrange them in folders and choose which folder to upload images from.

Naturally, this makes you want to try out the new feature. Right?