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5 reasons photo books are such great gifts

1 de enero de 1970

Giving a photo book as a gift can sometimes feel a bit like cheating. Because they’re so awesome. It will seem like you put a lot of work and effort into them - and sure, they do need some love - but it doesn’t need to take a lot of your time.

They’re already waiting for you in your phone

No more stressful Christmas shopping in the mall. The photos are ready to be added straight from your phone to the book – you don’t even have to leave your couch.

They’re so simple to make

Just choose your favorite photos and add them to your book. Pick and choose photos per spread or autofill the whole book in one go.

They look so good

Our photo books aren’t just keeping your memories safe and sound, they’re also pretty good looking (if we may say so ourselves). Perfect coffee table books - oh yes!

They’re personal

You can’t go wrong with a personal gift, can you? Nothing says “I love you” quite the way a whole book filled with your memories together does.

They last pretty much a lifetime

A photo book is kind of like a fancy bottle of wine, it gets better and more valuable each year that goes by.

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